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My name is Alliemae Rose Cullen! My mothers name is Isabella Marie Cullen but she prefers Bella. My fathers name Edward Anthony Cullen. They are the best parents I can ask for. I have two uncles, Jasper and Emmett and two aunts, Alice and Rosalie. Rosalie and Emmet are married and have two children, Kristin and Jett. Alice and Jasper have two sons named Jason and Skyler.

Mommy and Daddy say that I am special. People can always tell my mood. My eyes change color to how I am feeling. It is convenient sometimes when I am mad. People know to stay away from me. But other times it stinks. Sometimes I don't want people to know how I am feeling. It gives away too much. But, overall it's an okay power. At least i'm special!


Seth is my imprinter. He imprinted on me 2 days after I was born. At first it freaked me out. I screamed and ran to my daddy. But then he explained exactly what it ment and how it works. He loves me like a little sis now, and does everything to make sure I am protected. Every time he comes over I am so excited. Him and Jacob always come together because Jake imprinted on Renesmee. I think I am starting to have a crush on him. SSSSSSSSHHHHHH!!!!! Don't tell Daddy!

Renesmee (nicknames..Nessie/Ness.)

Renesmee is my sister. I love her so much. She is my rolemodel. She is the best sister ever! We are about a year apart. She has daddies hair, bronze but in ringlets, and mommas brown eyes. She is also half-human. She loves shopping and fashion like Auntie Alice, but she is a klutz like mom. We have so much fun together. When we were at a food store with mom and dad we decided to have a race. Well we forgot about the humans and ran full speed. Mom and Dad were so mad. It was kind of funny looking back but not at the time. Only one person saw us and dad said they were seeing things. His face was priceless. Mom also had to steal the security tapes. On the bright side we tied.

Aunt Rosalie

Aunt Rosalie is so much fun. She lets me do whatever I want and get away with it. We play pranks on Uncle Emmett all the time. One time we hid his batman pj's (he wears them every monday) and when monday came around he freaked out. He ran through the house screaming "SOMEONE CALL THE POLICE, WE HAVE BEEN ROBBED! THEY STOLE ME FAVORITE PAJAMAS!" The whole family was sitting in the living room and when we saw him we all bursted out laughing. It took us about 30mins to control ourselves.

Auntie Alice

Auntie Alice is so cool. She takes me shopping with Renesmee and Aunt Rosalie all the time. She buys us whatever we want. Then when we get home Aunt Rose and Auntie Alice dress Renesmee and I up, do our make-up and hair and we take pictures. They used to do it with mommy but she hated it. They called it "Bella Barbie". Auntie Alice is always up for anything. She brightens up the whole room and is never wrong. Trust me. Never and I mean NEVER bet against Alice. I did one time and lost my favorite fashion magazine. She said it was a good day to play baseball because it was going to rain, and there was not a cloud in the sky. I told her it was going to stay sunny all day. We made a bet my magazine for her new purse. Sure enough in an hour a huge storm came and I lost my magazine. I learned my lesson.

Uncle Jasper

Uncle Jasper is fun. He always takes Renesmee and I to the park. But every time we go Auntie Alice insist on coming. Renesmee says something happened before I was born when he took her there. Uncle Jazz is really into all that war stuff. I dont really care for it but Ness does. She loves hearing about it. Whenever I am upset I got to him. He always calms me down no matter how mad I am. Or when I am feeling down he makes me feel happy.

Mommy and Daddy

Mom is not really into all that girly stuff like my Aunts. But she is still so much fun. She takes Renesmee and I to the movies,arcade, and even the mall sometime. She is the best mother I can ask for. Always looking out for us and when she senses danger, immediately gets into a protective stance in front of us. She is a major klutz. Nessie says she used to be graceful for a while but that changed. We both get our clumsiness from her.

Daddy is also the best. He takes Renesmee and I where ever. He spoils us all the time. Sometimes he a little to protective but I know he is just trying to keep us safe. He does not like the fact of Jacob imprinting on Nessie and Seth imprinting on me. But he is getting better.


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